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Personal Aromatherapy Diffusers/Inhalers* $22.00 - $52.00

Each Personal Diffuser/Inhaler is filled with 100% Pure Essential Oils or our undiluted Synergistic Formulations for long lasting Inhalation Therapy. Silky smooth in exterior, each diffuser has a sealed compartment with a non-removable, cotton-filled glass vial which securely holds Pure Essential Oils in place; does not leak! Fits in Pocket or Purse. Measures: Height 3 1/2 inches; Diameter 3/4 inch. Directions: Remove top of Diffuser and wave slightly under nose while slowly inhaling. Please be sure to replace top when finished; Pure Essential Oils evaporate quickly. Perfect pocket or purse size for travel on planes, trains, public transportation, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, etc., or simply being in and around the public, in general.

Note: These diffusers are for pure essential oils only, do not use products with carrier oils, as some carrier oils can turn rancid.

*Price per Inhaler varies from $22.00 - $52.00 depending on the use of Essential Oils and/or undiluted Synergistic Blends utilized in filling; Custom Blends may increase the cost. Available in Five Colors: Deep Red, Purple, Green, Black & Silver.

Please email Lorraine@lorrainefrongillo.com for more details, pricing and to place an order for Personal Aromatherapy Inhalers.


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