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Lorraine Frongillo, CFMW, Certified Aromatherapist, LMT

10480 Stringfellow Road, Suite 5

Saint James City, Florida 33956

239-282-HEAL (4325)

E-Mail: Lorraine@divinechalicebotanicals.net

Founder of Divine Chalice Botanicals, Lorraine is a Nationally Certified, ARC Registered Aromatherapist with over 25 years experience in the Aromatherapy Business. She is committed to offering high quality Aromatherapy Services and safe administration of Essential Oil use and application offering Professional Holistic Aromatherapy Consultations and Custom Blends, and also offers a fine line of all natural Aromatherapy Skincare Products & Cosmeceuticals, containing 100% Pure Essential Oils and an abundance of organic botanical ingredients. In addition to maintaining a Private Holistic Aromatherapy Practice, Lorraine has over 18 years experience as an Intuitive Facilitator of Consciousness & Healing as a Licensed Massage Therapist, Body Process Facilitator & Certified Facilitator with Access Consciousness and a Conscious Living Consultant/Life Coach; she also maintains an Advanced Bodywork/Massage Practice and Conscious Living Integrative Health Center, I AM Institute, Inc. (www.InfinitelyAccessMiracles www.lorrainefrongillo.com

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